Allotment bliss…

June 19th. 6.30 am

I had such a lovely start to the day at the allotment.


Reasonably early but already very warm – I picked a few Strawberries, dug up my first garlic and onions –

I am impressed with them! They are good. But how long do you leave the stalks on for?

Tied up sunflowers and planted leeks. I am the only one here so far – peaceful. The sparrows are very chirpy and cheerful, but no sign yet today of the red Kite. I am just having a cup of tea on the bench and smelling the ‘pinks’ – warm clove saturates the air.

Trying to make myself remain seated for a whole cuppa although I itch to leap up and ‘get on’. Satisfying jobs but lots to do!

Managed it. Rewarded  for those few extra minutes of stillness by a blackbird and a thrush in close up and interesting gurgles from my relaxing tummy.

It was a relief to uncover the strawberries with an excuse to dig up some garlic.   I spent ages covering up crops in a very inelegant and ‘Heath Robinson’ way. I  am aware that I am much too keen on aesthetics to ever be a good veg gardener. However I hope in the long term that I can make more efficient and more attractive crop protection than these early efforts!

In the meantime I will have to sacrifice either the crop or the look. To be fair I only had enviromesh which is a bit over the top and ugly for strawberries. In a shop window in Cambridge I saw soft wire – it looked slightly copper coloured – formed into an arch as part of a clothing shop window display. I would like to find some of that!

Need to find some solutions soon. Something is eating half my lettuces ( only the right half so far)… and not deer this time. And I hope to fill the onion space with broccoli if I am not too late but the pigeons will love it more than I do.


9 am. Steaming hot! More tea needed but the weather is so warm it doesn’t cool off enough to drink… must remember to bring an ice pack for the milk. I had hoped to float the milk in the water bin but it is already dry! Also the only time I tried that the milk filled up with baby blackfly. They managed to crawl right under the blue plastic screw on  lid. I wonder why they wanted to? Or why there were so many in the water tank in the first place?

Almost finished cutting the grass. I am covered in the grey dust kicked up by the mower and I just need to move the car to mow under it… but it is SO WARM. I often put a wet cotton scarf  around my neck and shoulders but I forgot to bring one          – If I go home for it I doubt I will make myself come back…20170620_083029… cool as a baby cucumber…?



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