I am rather disappointed in myself. (A common state of affairs…)
– yesterday I set to on my second blog with enthusiasm. I don’t need to explain that I am winging it with this lark.
I had originally intended to practise it / endlessly rehearse / learn carefully before I started posting…. to be honest I am not that person.
I am more likely to throw myself at things with lots of effort and little experience and then get very frustrated and cross. Followed by mentally beating myself up when it isn’t all easy and straightforward.
So… I typed for one and a half hours (I am very slow) and downloaded photos and fiddled about and had ten words left to go and… GONE. Lost it.

Texting sis frantically but no luck so far. I appear to have posted one picture and a title and I have no idea why or how.The rest simply vanished.
So today is an apology for yesterday and tomorrow might be a repeat of yesterday if I can find it anywhere in the ether. Or if I can face typing it again.

Off to get help from my sister the technology guru ( and endlessly patient wonder woman…..)


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