Falling on my head…

..as in raindrops. YES IT RAINED AT LAST HOORAY!!



Beautiful rain. Wonderful rain. Delicious smells. Proper thunder and lightning.



Water butts are full again.


Fell asleep to rain  –  the sound of gutters overflowing.

Woke to rain -cars swishing by in puddles and softly dripping trees.


There is even mud!

Overnight everything looks greener – lush and plump and visibly growing.



I was hoping for an inch – but thought I was being overoptimistic. But we had around one and a half inches in the allotment rain gauge, about 40mm.



I reckon that gives me a few days off carrying the cans… except for in the greenhouse of course but even that leaks in several places so some things have been watered ( hmm – including my chair which I forgot to move…)


Aren’t we lucky?

Author: Lots of Pots

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