(Sm)all good things…

The first tomatoes of this summer.



Sungold from the greenhouse. So sweet.


Real rain….




( I want to put a big smiley face here because that is what I would do on my phone but  apparently computers don’t do that.)

( Or if they do, nobody has shown me how yet!!)

21 mm ! Perfect.




Summer vegetables..



…and cooking up a summer medley…

kale and beans, onions and courgette, basil and lemon verbena.


I like this warm, with a fried egg on top!


Or cold – I add a probiotic dressing made with pouring yoghurt or kefir, sauerkraut and its juice, some good vinegar – cider or balsamic. Salt and pepper, oregano, sometimes mint…

Mmm. Good with chopped anchovy and warm, crispy bacon. Or crunchy almonds and seeds with some soy sauce… maybe smoked mackerel?



Thank goodness for so many loverly things….





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