Ode to a Sis

Dear Sis,

I know that you are very tired and have a lot going on in your life at the moment.

I was thinking, as I tried to get to sleep, of things that I am proud of. ( Thanks, CBT!)

And then, in that vague, meandering way that brains have at night…. ( Um…mine has that way often in the day too!)

….I thought, if I did a ‘proper’ blog with feedback and so on I would ask everyone to send me a picture of something which they are proud of. Putting up pictures of all my family would be an invasion of their privacy – although they are the people in the world of whom I am most proud.

Maybe readers could send a photograph of something which they have made, or achieved?

I considered what I would send. I really like a crochet blanket which I made last winter. (And now my head is saying – ‘that is a bit pathetic! ‘ But CBT! Come on brain try and be a it more supportive…)

Sis, I realised that you would be able to send a picture of a house :


( among the dozens of other things you could send… oh crikey I was going to list some but my mind boggles.. book author, dressage teacher, accountant, supermum, blog writer, blog writing teacher,  really too many things to mention).

Anyway. A whole blessed house. Dreamed of, designed, planned and now being built by you and yours.

That is phenomenal.

I have watched enough ‘Grand designs’ TV programmes. I know that the people doing these things always look steadily more stressed/ busy/ exhausted/ each time they film the building process.

I guess that is where you are at now – as well as shoe- horning ‘house build’ onto a job list which was already far too long! Oh, and I hear that the harvest has started!?!

Hang in there.

When I get the ‘send a picture of something you are proud of’ page up and running on my blog, you will be spoilt for choice. But you might be able to send this;


silly barn


or something pretty similar anyway…

and probably by then you will be living in it.

Not many people can say that they helped to build a house.

(er… except house builders of course….)

These are for you. Love you. Well done.







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