Sheep Shock

Sitting in my shed, early on a cooler morning – enjoying the comfort of hot tea…

I noticed something odd among the cucumbers. In an earlier episode they were making a bid for freedom, off to explore the wider world…


This time I noticed…….an egg?



What had those over-enthusiastic cucumber  plants  been up to now?!

I leaned in closer…


……..and closer..



They had kidnapped Shorn the Sheep!

( I know. I do know that that is the the most unoriginal name for a sheep. Half of the sheep in the country must be called that now. I tried to come up with something better, I really did. But every time he looked at me he was Shorn the Sheep – so eventually I gave up and accepted him just as he is.)


I originally thought to write this post in semi-tabloid style – you know what I mean,

‘Shock Horror Sinister Sheep Kidnapping’

( or should it be ‘Rustling’? But can a sheep rustle? Surely they are a bit too woolly?)

Then I thought about it.

There is enough sinister in this world.

And honestly, could you really call a food plant and a wooden toy sinister?

So I guess they were just having fun and got carried away…

Even so, Shorn does look a little bit shocked..


…. and perhaps a bit chilly…


So we wrapped him up warm and gave him a cuddle. A  snuggle day with his friends.



That’s all most of us need in the end.




NB It as been pointed out to me that I have spelt ‘Shaun’ wrongly.

Please. Really? He only has wool left on the top of his head!!




Author: Lots of Pots

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