The taste of sunshine..

Tomatoes. Oh , that wonderful smell on your hands!


Picked in the warm, late afternoon sunshine..


– seasoned generously –


Cooked long and slow for that caramelised touch…..


………drink good coffee while you wait..



For a little while I pretended that I was in Italy.




Note to self; Recently I had a longer ‘gap’ between posts.

It occurred to me, that if and when I  had the time, it might be good to have a couple of small ‘back up’ posts ready.

However I didn’t take into account how seasonal our lives are. Even a light post generally includes something slightly topical or a photograph of the time. So this was written a couple of weeks ago and already, in this rather damp, grey week, the sunny tomatoes feel rather incongruous! I hope a nice reminder?

Likewise, a long post rather moaning about the weather was followed by – Cuba/ Florida news of hurricanes. Those poor people. It put my complaining to shame so I deleted that one…

Also …. while trying to add this post script to the already finished and spell-checked ‘Tomato’post my inept computer abilities managed to delete the whole article. Pictures and all. I was just left with the title.

So much for time saving!!

Back to the drawing board! 🙂















Author: Lots of Pots

Hello! My name is Eve

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