So what is it, this dull and sluggish time?


I feel I am an unnavigable river…silted up, trickling slowly through the weeds and the mud.

The wind has gone out of my sails.


I am learning, slowly, to manage these times. I have been shown how to use a boat to stay afloat.


I need more practise with the oars…

……….even so,  I do not drown. Or sink as far as I might have done in the past.


But oh, how I hate it.

How I deride myself for wasting such a good life.

I beat myself up…SHOULD learn faster, SHOULD try harder, SHOULD….

… I don’t know what is possible?


I need a bigger engine.

I dream of a fierce current to wash me out of this complacent puddle, this wallowing in self pity.

Send me a strong wind…

kite 219x219

….. before my brain  forgets how to fly.



…sorry…rather awkward analogies. Or is it mixed metaphores?  Or simply a messy brain…




Author: Lots of Pots

Hello! My name is Eve

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