High five!


I hope this is a taste of ‘allotmenteering’ from the perspective of a five year old. Thanks to my very special and wonderful grandson Toby… you keep my feet on the ground and give life  a more balanced perspective.

( I also had to get this post done soon as I was so pleased with the title… and in a few weeks he will be six!!)


Allotment soup!

20171015_170053[1] Digging for treasure..


…running races.. ( and beating Nan every time!)





entertaining the wildlife…


Crackers and marmite!


Grow your own pumpkin…

and your favourite flowers…

….(black is Toby’s favourite colour – his dad loves heavy metal music – a challenging colour to find in flowers!)



Rugby in the rhubarb…. ( it is a very soft ball…)

…….and planting your first tree…

hanging up holiday memories


Learning about the bees – and the beetles!



Measuring the rain …


…flowers to match the sky..

and of course, the sun…20160922_104741[2]

I love you dearly Toby. Can’t wait until next Sunday morning. 🙂



Stop Press…..


3rd Prize in the allotment awards this year…. his joy is infectious!

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